Clean Air A Human Right


Our industrialized world changed a lot of things for us human beings. Increased pollution was one change that affected our environment. Today, air pollution is a global problem whose seriousness varies from place to place. Since most of its impacts on human health are long-term, the problem is often overlooked. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution kills approximately two million people every year.
At Camfil Farr believe there is a need to increase general awareness of air pollution and to put Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on the political agenda. IAQ should be a public health concern. We need to pay attention to the importance of healthy IAQ. Camfil Farr’s vision is clear: clean air should be a human right.

CAMFIL – FARR, ROADSHOW 2010 Formgivning/arkitektur Anders Rabenius, Producent och projektledning Actit kommunikation, Formgivning/Scenografi Anna Asker, Grafisk form Karin Brodén